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    on choosing

   the egg donor

We understand that searching for an Egg Donor can be extremely time consuming and difficult. Our goal at Babysweet Donor is to make it simple, stress free, and a positive experience.


  1. We recommend picking the TOP 3 characteristics that are MOST important to you. When selecting “search donors” you will see LOTS of different ways to search.  Most intended parents find that they would bend on one or two characteristics because they LOVE everything else about a donor.  If the search is initially very selective it is possible to miss a donor that really would have been perfect for you. You can always just skip over her short profile if she really doesn’t fit. 


  1. We recommend multi selecting the hair and eye colors. The eye color/hair color is what the donor preserves her natural color to be.  For example, if you are looking for a blonde donor, be sure to multi select (using the control key): blonde, light blonde, dirty blonde, dark blonde and possibly strawberry blonde or light brown. 


  1. Save the favorite options.  If you like a donor, mark her as a favorite.  This makes coming back and making a final selection a lot easier.  You will easily create a group of ladies you will able to view their profiles all in one place.


  1. You will come across 2 types of donors - proven donors and first time donors. Advantage of first time donors is  lower compensation however proven donors have a history of resulting pregnancies. First time donors might need full range of pre cycle lab work done but proven donors might need only partial range due to their testing done with previous cycles.


  1. Location of donor. Our database has 3 ways you can search by location.  You will want to pick ONLY one for each search.  One, search by state. Two, search by metropolitan area and three, search by zip code.  State and Metro Area can all be multi selected and will pull donors in either area.  The zip code will be easier to use if you are not in a large metro area.



  1. We are always here to help! If you have additional questions about an egg donor or would like information that is not included on her full profile.  We are willing to gather that information for you.  Feel free to contact us by email or phone with the donor’s number and we will look into it for you.

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