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Specialty services

Injection instructions and injections administering

It took a lot of work to select and approve a great donor for you however not everybody can be comfortable with administering the injections(against their better judgement).

Intended parents might want to make sure that the egg donor injects the pricey medication properly to ensure the best possible outcome and to avoid additional medication purchases if the donor"is not stimulating fast enough" due to the improper handling.

We offer a purchase of the service of injections administering(along to teaching at the egg donor's place) to ensure that the donor gets more comfortable doing so on her own at the beginning or during the entire stimulation-about 10 days)

Private search

Really interested in European donor but not seeing the right match for you?

We offer a purchase of private search by our recruiter according to intended parents desires - this process might take a longer time and non refundable retainer is charged.

Additional counseling on medication pricing, discounts, testings etc...

During the year of clinical operations, we gained a knowledge of various ways to save funds.

Open donation

Some of the egg donors might be open to meeting the intended parents while visiting U.S. - possibility to host a dinner with your egg donor

Gifts for egg donors

Some of the intended parents feel such a connection and gratefulness towards their donors - after all they helped to achieve the dream of the baby and desire to purchase a personal gift for a donor.

We offer the help with ordering the present of choice in the U.S. or in Europe.

Our specialty services can save money to the intended parents, ensure that the egg donors are taken care of while stimulating their future eggs, simplify the doctor's office work flow and more...

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