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            Full review

         of the process

 for the intended parents

1. Find an egg donor

2.Test results and other medical history reviewed by the doctor

3.If egg donor approved to move forward, settle the retainer payment with the agency

4.Egg donor performs medical testing abroad($500 for genetic carrier screen only, rest covered by the personal medical insurance when possible)

5.Provide funds for genetic counselor, psychologist and reproductive endocrinologist consults for your egg donor over Skype with translator

6.Clearances from GC, psychologist issued

7.Medical clearance issued by the doctor

8.Once egg donor approved, agency fee secured by Escrow or lawyer

9.Legal agreement between intended parents and egg donor signed(funded by intended parents) and legal clearance issued

10. Meanwhile the egg donor has been placed on birth control pills in order to time her arrival to the U.S.(along with possible synchronization with intended parents cycle - IP would start taking birth control pills as well)

11.Intended parents purchase egg donor's stimulation medication

12.Intended parents purchase egg donor financial packages with the doctor's office

13.Egg donor arrives to the U.S.

14.Egg donor is seen day 2 of her period by the doctor and start medication

15.Depending on the protocol type - egg retrieval will happen usually on day 12 of the stimulation(this day the sperm source must be present for semen sample collection - unless frozen sperm to use in storage)

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