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    Fundamental requirements


   brief overview of the process

Fundamental requirements to become egg donor:



* Age: 19-29 years old

* Good general physical and mental health 

* Non smoker 

* Drug free 

* BMI under 27

* Reliable and able to follow instructions

* Can be present in the US for 1 month (is able to get a tourist visa for 3 months)


Throughout the process:


*Egg donor fills out all the initial forms.

*The agency will overview the forms and evaluate whether it is an eligible candidate in the 1st stage of        qualifying. 

*The donor will provide the agency with additional material to publish on its website accessible to potential parents.

*The next step is to collect the results of blood tests and a gynecologist's examination.

*Potential parents will choose the egg donor.

*Egg donor undergoes genetic and psychological consultations via Skype.

*Egg donor undergoes consultation with a specialized doctor through Skype / Face Time  .

*Egg donor starts contraception and the agency books an airplane ticket and accommodation for the donor in Los Angeles.

*Egg donor will be present in LA for 3-4 weeks, where she will undergo injections stimulation.

*After the egg retrieval, egg donor stays in LA for a few days to recover.

*Egg donor returns to Europe where she will follow up with her gyn doctor to make sure her ovaries are fully recovered.


*** If any step of the process is not fulfilled, the trip to the USA for donation can not take place ***


Possible LIST OF LABS for IVF (egg donor) - depends on the clinic requirements 


______ HIV-1/2

______ Hepatitis B surface AntiGen

______ Hepatitis C AntiBody

______ VDRL/RPR/Syphillis

______ FSH – hormone

______ AMH - hormone

______ Estradiol (E2) - hormone

______ TSH - hormone

______ Prolactin – hormone

______ Vitamin D

______ Chemistry panel 

______ Lipid panel 

______ Rubella IgG 

______ Varicella IgG 

______ CBC 

______ Blood type & Rh factor

______ Antibody screen – COOMB’S test

______ Pap smear 

______ Gonorrhea

______ Chlamydia 

______ Genetic carrier screen 

______ Urine Drug screen 



______ Psychologist consult 

______ Genetic counselor consult 

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