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   Clinical element

   of egg donation

***3rd party cases(utilizing the use of egg donors or surrogate) require specific procedures to be in involved.

Please keep in mind that this process can take up few months and the providers are usually not able to provide any “cycle dates” to the involved parties until all necessary paperwork is in place.***





                                   General overview(may differ by doctor's offices)



At first the intended parents have to find the right egg donor. 


Once the egg donor is selected, agency sends the doctor’s office medical records from the previous cycles(if any) to determine if egg donor is medically eligible for the process (If this is the 1st time ED, few tests might be required to be done before proceeding).

The doctor reviews the medical records in a timely manner and informs the agency on the decision.


Once the ED is approved to move forward, the coordinators have to make sure that they have valid genetic and psychological clearances in place for ED.

The doctor needs to be ensured that the psychologist issues a clearance approving that selected ED is mentally compatible for this process.

The genetic counselor also determines based on the ED’s family/medical history, what testing is recommended for every specific ED in order to not to miss any important underlying issue.


If the ED is approved and the doctor's office has collected the psychological and genetic clearances, the coordinator reaches out to the intended parents to collect CC information which will be saved and used for the ED medical screening payment. When collected, coordinator reaches out to the ED and schedules this appointment involving ED's consultation with the doctor, trans-vaginal ultrasound exam and blood draw.


It takes about 2-3 weeks to collect all the results – if everything looks good, the patient is medically cleared to proceed with IVF treatment.


When the clearances are in place, the parties will start working on the legal agreement/clearance.

At this point, the coordinators touch base with all involved parties and confirm their availability (any black-out dates).

This is the final step before creating calendars.


(***Also – while working on all these steps, the coordinators are working with the intended parents and making sure that their pre cycle labs are being collected as well – this is specifically important for FRESH CYCLES***)

*The parties might have been placed on birth control pills already which makes it possible to synchronize the parties’ cycles*


The doctor/coordinator creates calendars, emails them to the Intended parents/ED along with appropriate consent forms. These need to be reviewed, initialed on every page by both partners (if applicable) and signed IN FRONT OF THE NOTARY in some instances. These forms (ORIGINALS) are due before starting any stimulation medications and are collected by the coordinators who will touch base with you on the next steps. These usually involve:

*scheduling next appointments (ultrasound, labs)

*scheduling in person/over the phone calendar review/injection instructions

*calling in the prescriptions for IPs

*reviewing and clarifying the process if needed

Your dedicated coordinator is your point of contact, you can address any non emergency questionsto her which will be answered in a timely manner.


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