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Who are our egg donors

*Age: 19-29 years

*Good physical and mental health

*Non smoker

*No drugs usage(not even recreational)

*BMI under 27

*Reliable and able to follow instructions

*Can be legally present in the U.S. for up to 1 month 

*Beautiful, smart, committed and responsible


Basic overview of the process for the egg donor:


  1. Egg donor fills out all required forms extensively reviewing hers and family medical history

  2. Agency reviews the forms and decides if the donor is a good candidate for donation in the 1st stage of the screening 

  3. After agency's approval, more materials are gathered from the egg donors and their profiles are published to the egg donor database accessible to intended parents

  4. Intended parents choose an egg donor

  5. Collection of egg donors' most common lab results at their home country(worth of few thousands of dollars in doctors' offices in the U.S.)

  6. Skype call with genetic counselor and psychologist scheduled for egg donor(with translator)

  7. Skype call with fertility doctor(with translator)

  8. Egg donor travels to Los Angeles and undergoes IVF process up to the egg retrieval

  9. Egg donor returns back to the home country 

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