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About Us

BabySweet Donor agency is here to partner up and help you expand your family.

We provide egg donation from carefully screened European donors  for prospective American parents in the U.S., with hands-on support through the entire process—from matching donors and parents to close management of donor's medical requirements and needs.We have years of experience in clinical setting which makes us extensively knowledgeable of the entire IVF process.

We also offer concierge services for IVF patients who can not afford to proceed with treatment in the U.S. and seek more affordable options for same or better services in Europe(presently Czech republic and Slovak republic).

BabySweet Donor agency is acting as the agency and clinical coordination, streamlines the egg donation process for everyone involved (doctors, intended parents, egg donors, nursing staff), all to make the experience as easy and financially accessible as possible.

O nas

BabySweet Donor je agentura, ktora sprostredkovava pomoc pri nahradnom vynoseni dietata, darovani vajicok a liecbe neplodnosti v USA. Sme tu, aby sme poskytli konzultaciu, prediskutovali moznosti, nasmerovali, koordinovali vsetko potrebne a najma sprevadzali kazdym krokom tohto procesu v zahranici.

Nasim cielom je, aby buduci rodicia dosiahli vytuzeny ciel - zdrave babatko. Uvedomujeme si, ze tato cesta je narocna ci uz emocionalne, casovo i financne, a preto chceme, aby tiaha stresu bola zminimalizovana a my sa staneme partnermi, o ktorych je mozne sa opriet.

Ak mate zaujem o nahradne vynosenie dietata, kliknite TU.

AK mate zaujem o darovanie vajicok v USA, kliknite TU.

Ak mate zaujem o liecbu neplodnosti v USA, kontaktujte nas priamo cez email: babysweetdonor@gmail.com


Eggcelent Team

Mgr.Zuzana Rajmanova

Founder of the agency.

Former fertility office manager/clinical coordinator for Cmd Fertility in Los Angeles, USA.

Local recruiters

On call medical assistants extensively trained in infertility medication administering and teaching in Los Angeles, CA.


Contact Us

                             BABYSWEET DONOR
                                  Zuzana Rajmanova

Los Angeles, CA

Ph: +1 310.980.4834(USA)

Ph: +421 910.183.420 (SVK)

Emails: contact@babysweetdonor.com


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